I think this street sign may actually be a real sign. 
Like a “hi-Liv-we-hear-you” sign from the powers that be.
I get ’em all the time and it never gets old; always gives me chills.
So, here’s the deal.
My parents came over for Halloween. We were talking about how my book is coming along
and my dad asked who’s going to write the foreword.
“Wayne Dyer,” I quickly answered.
“Wow! Really?”
“Well, yes,” I muttered. “But he doesn’t know it yet.”
Ever since I wrote my book proposal in late 2007, I’ve imagined Wayne W. Dyer (superstar inspirational speaker and author) writing the foreword. In the drafts of my manuscript, I even included his picture on the blank foreword page. I find that when I clearly set my intention and envision the way reaching that goal will feel one day, things materialize and manifest in amazing ways. So, I put Wayne Dyer in my manuscript. 
Fast forward to yesterday. I had dropped off my seven year old at his hip hop dance class and had a few minutes to run errands and explore the neighborhood. I got coffee. Stopped at the gas station. Checked my phone for email and saw that there was a note from my editor. I drove off to explore the neighborhood near the dance studio, thinking all the while about my book. 
Thoughts of a foreword by Wayne Dyer popped into my head again along with lots of questions: will he like my book? how will I get it to him? what should I write in my note to him? And then this (street) sign appeared out of nowhere. I was in unknown territory, rolling through a neighborhood I didn’t know, when I saw the sign. I slammed on my brakes, turned right around and snapped a picture of our two last names on one sign: Dyer and Lane. 
It was a great reminder that there are forces so much greater than me, orchestrating what happens next and then what happens after that and after that and after that. Maybe that street sign was a little love note from the universe, telling me it has my back and everything will work out in whatever way it’s meant to be. I mean, maybe Wayne Dyer won’t even write the foreword. But I’m pretty sure he will. Like I said before, he just doesn’t know it yet.