I keep forgetting to show you this!
My mom helped watch the boys when I was recently out of town.
When I came back, this artists’ apron was waiting for me in my dudio.
She had each of my kiddos illustrate a square
and I’m sure my seven-year-old also handled the writing and heart up top.
I don’t even want to wear it
because I’m worried I’ll wreck their beautiful art!
What a perfect gift.
Yesterday, my pint-sized Picassos turned to reading and writing,
resulting in a few moments of actual silence in our home!
My seven-year-old was focused on writing,
plunking out punctuation-free short stories on our laptop
about trees falling from the sky.
Meanwhile, the two-year-old sat still (!!!) on the couch, 
thoroughly engrossed in his new Yo Gabba Gabba! book
(the kid is so smitten that I’m sure he’ll someday need Yo Gabba Gabba rehabba). 
The silence didn’t last long, but wow. 
It was glorious while it lasted.