I really needed some doodle therapy last night.
My nerves were frayed and I was fried.
And playing with art makes me feel so much more centered.
Despite my long to-do list,
I decided to sit down and doodle a totally random list
for List Tuesdays on amazing Aimee’s artsyville blog.
She recently decided to feature a handwritten list each Tuesday
and has invited other bloggers to join in on the fun.
The local newspaper was strewn across the kitchen table,
needlessly protecting the already-smudged-and-dented surface 
where my two-year-old had been coloring.
I started paying attention only to the paper’s headlines
and found that, out of context (and sometimes even in context)
the headlines were intriguingly ridiculous.
So I started making a list of headlines from the Variety and Business sections.
And I gotta admit I kinda love seeing them collected all together.
It’s like receiving the oddest bouquet of mismatched flowers,
but realizing they somehow just work together.