I had such a hard time getting anything done yesterday.
You know those days when it feels like something is standing between you and the finish line?
I couldn’t get motivated,
I kept getting distracted
(thanks in part to a rock-eating, marker-throwing toddler),
And nothing seemed to work right. 
But before going to bed,
I decided to quickly review my day to see if it really was such a big bust.
Turns out I actually did accomplish some stuff
(I know; you’re probably not surprised, but I was!).
I changed the design of my etsy store header.
I added a new space in the blog’s sidebar where I can share
some of my favorite big-time bargains (’cause I looooooove scoring a good deal).
I played catch with my two-year-old and we colored lots of pictures
(and the kitchen table…whoops).
I sent out some art shipments to new customers. 
Stopped by the bank, then filled up my car with gas.
I put a frozen pizza in the oven.
I doodled.
And I wrote this blog post.
So I did get things done after all!
Maybe I was a little hard on myself at the start.
I wound up doing (and completing) a fair amount of stuff,
even if it wasn’t stuff on my to-do list.
And maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t supposed to do those things yesterday
so I’d have a little time for me as well as the passions and people I love most.
It was a  good day, after all.
And, really, aren’t they all?