Someone stopped by yesterday and our faithful watchdog, Daisy, lost her marbles.
She barked. She jumped. She whined. The usual, annoying song and dance.
My hubby noted that she’s done this ever since we had our first son;
whenever someone comes into the house, especially someone she doesn’t know well,
Daisy has the hardest time calming down.
Our nervous-wreck-of-a-pup turned 10 last week.
When we got her, she was six months old and we were already her fourth home.
Not surprisingly, she has always been very needy and insecure,
but also a furry ball of gratitude
(so ecstatic when we walk through the door, even if we were only gone for a moment).
When it’s just our family at home, she is calm and quiet,
eager to snuggle up with anyone, anywhere.
But when someone comes to visit, her terrier instincts get the best of her.
It’s as if she feels the need to warn me, over and over,
that someone outside our intimate family circle
has gained access to our home, is drinking our coffee and sitting in our chairs!
Daisy’s “stranger danger” behavior is completely obnoxious, yet totally endearing.
Knowing that she’s simply doing her best to keep our little family safe and sound
warms my heart, even if I’m also covering my ears.