The coolest thing is happening here in the Land of the Lanes. Whenever the kids are around and I try to steal a few moments for my art, my boys individually stop what they’re doing and come to join me. 
Today, I was experimenting with colored pencils on a heavy, textured paper. My seven year old sauntered over and watched for a few minutes, then asked for the same kind of paper. He told me not to look while he did his own experimenting. 
Meanwhile, my toddler was observing the art-in-progress from afar. He stopped pushing his train around the family room and waddled over the art drawer (we use the drawer under the stove for giant paper, markers and other supplies because I’m far better at cooking up art than food!). “Need help, need help,” he announced urgently. So, I pulled out the giant pad of paper and set him up with some markers at the kitchen table. I love watching him draw because he clearly sees pictures within his scribbles, pointing out eyes and a nose that no one else can see. For weeks, he’s insisted on using only hues of blue. But today he branched out with green and purple, too. Perhaps his blue period is over!
My seven-year-old appeared then with a sheepish smile and three totally-rad rainbow pictures. I could tell he was proud of his creations. I love how he refused to let the paper’s border cage in his colors; he just let his artwork bleed over the edge. No right, no wrong. 
I know in my head that kids learn by example and are deeply influenced by their parents’ attitudes, interests and ambitions. But it takes moments like these to feel it, know it, celebrate it in my heart: I’m an artsy-smartsy mama raising color-loving kids!