When I’m sick in bed, I look like someone chewed me up and spit me out.
The nightstand is covered in crumpled-up Kleenex, 
cough drop wrappers, lukewarm 7-UP and my smudged glasses.
It is not pretty, people.
When Katie Sokoler is sick in bed, 
she looks like a flippin’ Disney princess, 
surrounded by giant stars and snuggled up in a sunshine-yellow duvet.
This is perfectly fitting because I’m pretty sure Katie sneezes rainbows.
Her most recent blog post features all the lovely things she discovered
while sick in bed!
Katie is a street artist in New York City
whose whimsical, colorful creations never cease to amaze me.
Every time I stop by her blog (Color Me Katie), it makes me smile.
Her photos are so vivid and colorful, her cat is hysterical
and the way Katie’s creative brain works makes me want to do cartwheels.
So, she’s our Monday Maven for adding so much sparkle to the world.
Be sure to check her out.
(know someone who should be a monday maven because she does cool stuff
and makes the world a better place? leave a comment…and her name!)