Oftentimes, beauty catches me by surprise.
I’ll be muddling through the day when – bam! – something beautiful 
catches my eye and makes my heart skip a beat.
But yesterday, it happened the other way around. I think I took beauty by surprise.
It was a gray, chilly day and I’d been racing around trying to get stuff done.
Most days, I have an abundance of beauty pics to choose from for the blog.
I swear I see good stuff everywhere!
But as I drove along, I realized I hadn’t been paying attention to the world around me 
and had nothing yet to share with you.
So, I asked my angels to lend a helping hand
and provide a beauty sighting on my drive home
(I simply whispered my request while I merrily rolled along). 
Now, I should probably tell you I was only about a mile from home,
so I knew those angels were going to have to work fast!
But I’ve seen them create magic plenty of times,
and I fully trusted they’d pull through again.
Well, I kid you not:
within about 15 seconds, I saw this beautiful deer near the side of the road,
happily munching on a leftover Halloween pumpkin.
He was pretty well camouflaged by all the brown branches, 
so the other cars were whizzing right past him.
And then I came along.
I pulled over, rolled down my window and he looked at me
 like…well…a deer in the headlights.
It seemed he couldn’t believe someone had actually noticed him 
and he wasn’t sure what kind of move to make next.
I didn’t want to disturb his snack or fill his heart with fear, 
so I gently told him out loud that all was well. 
I know it sounds bizarre, but I think he understood.
I snapped a quick pic, then drove off.
The deer’s appearance was a great reminder to me
that beauty primarily shows itself to those who want to find it.
If your eyes are open and your heart is open,
you are sure to find great gifts in your midst.