Please say a little prayer for me. My dudio (art studio formerly known as the dining room) needs to morph back into a dining room in time for our Thanksgiving guests. The week has been jam packed and it’s late Wednesday night as I type this. I just don’t have the energy to dive in to the mess tonight.
See that picture above of punched-out dots and scrap paper? Imagine it multiplied by approximately a million
and strewn across a large dining room table. Add some large boxes and shelves full of envelopes and ribbons and necklace charms and you’ll have accurately envisioned the clean up job I have in front of me. Oh, and did I mention my husband has the flu?
I’m just going to trust that Thanksgiving will turn out the way it’s meant to this year and do my best not to stress about it. Seems a little counter-productive to freak out about the small stuff on a holiday that encourages us to live with gratitude and focus on our priorities. And to look for beauty in the chaos. Even if we’re eating fast food burgers on paper plates, we can celebrate being together and making new memories that someday we’ll laugh about. We will laugh about this someday, right? 
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
p.s. I’ve extended this week’s Happy HeART Giveaway because of the holiday. So…you have until Sunday at midnight to enter (see the post below)!