I’m totally in love with Caribou Coffee‘s holiday campaign. 
Their cups are covered in scribbled affirmations
and their cup holders – like this one – practically sparkle.
It’s like everybody gets a little dose of magic with their coffee.
If you’re aware of Dr. Marusu Emoto’s research,
you know that the composition and well-being of water
literally changes when it’s stored in a container
with negative sentences vs. positive ones written on it.
Similar experiments have been done with dry rice, 
showing that the rice kept in containers with a negative word written on it
turns brown and gross,
while the container with the positive words stays pristine.
I share this because I suspect, given the research that’s been done on water, 
even coffee may react to positive words and thoughts
like the ones on Caribou’s cups. 
I’m glad it’s my morning fuel
because I just might be getting an extra dose of love and wellness with my coffee. 
Cheers to that!