I am slowly but surely recovering from a bad case of the stomach flu.
It’s been going around, but I was bound and determined not to get it.
Even when my husband got it on Thanksgiving. 
And then my toddler.
But no amount of positive thinking could keep it at bay.
At one point, while in the bathroom, I was hating everything about the day.
Throwing myself a little pity party on the potty.
And then I realized sulking and cursing the flu was not making me feel any better.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
So, I started to list things I was thankful for in that moment.
Yep, even while fantasizing about taking a nap on the cold tile floor,
there was plenty to be grateful for.
A comfortable bed with plenty of blankets.
My husband, who stayed home with the toddler
(and picked up our 2nd grader, who got sick at school midday).
Running water and working toilets.
A heated home.
A snuggly pup who never left my side.
My gratitude list didn’t make the flu go away,
but it lifted my spirits
and reminded me that even when I’m feeling bad,
there’s so much good around me.