This pretty much sums up the way my life has seemed this week.
A constant, perilous balancing act.
I’ve had lots of lovely things happen, blended with a bit of crap
(okay, a bunch of crap – mainly from my sick-again toddler!)
It’s been a serious juggling act that I didn’t feel adequately trained for.
But I always find God gives me more than I think I can handle
just to prove that I actually can.
I remember taking this picture at the Junk Bonanza last fall
and seeing beauty in the chaos,
loving the way everything somehow fit together
in a funky, off-kilter kind of way.
It was a work of art made out of everyday stuff.
Kinda like my life. 
And I bet yours, too.
Wanna know some of the cool work stuff I’ve added to my juggling act this week?
I did a photo shoot for local magazine Savvy.MN
I’m going to be on their January cover, so watch out, Cindy Crawford! 
Melissa at The Marketing Mama included my “You In Bloom” greeting card set in her
My Etsy shop surpassed the 100 sales mark in less than 3 months of being open.
THANK YOU to all of you who have shopped with me & supported me;
and for those who still have shopping to do, there’s FREE SHIPPING through Saturday!
If I can get all my ducks in a row, 
I will be at the Willow House Craft Fair this Friday from 3-8pm in So. Minneapolis.
If you can swing by, I’d love to see you! Make it a great girlfriend outing!
One of my very favorite stores will start carrying my art, cards & jewelry this weekend.
More details to come…