After a snuggle and diaper change,
my two-year-old and I walk down the stairs together to our main floor every morning.
Lately, he excitedly points out the window each day saying,
“Snow! Snow! Lights!” and then throws in an “oh wow!”
He is simply delighted to see that the snow is still there,
that the lights are still twinkling in our evergreens,
that the world is still just as wonderful as it was the day before.
He’s just as excited to see the night sky.
The other evening, he rushed into the family room, 
grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front window.
“Moon! Moon!”
It was as if he’d never seen something so beautiful!
We celebrated at the window, 
hugging and peering out into the night.
I know someday I will long for magic moments like this 
with my little wonder boy.
So I try to stop and breathe them in,
breathe him in,
 every chance I get.
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