Well, this is starting to get comical.
Remember the gigantic snow storm during my first art show last month?
It happened again!
Yesterday, the snow started falling a couple of hours before I was supposed to leave
for the Willow House Craft Fair and did. not. stop.
I was late (but so was everyone else, it seemed)
and we all trudged through snow drifts, 
carrying our tables and displays and art while trying not to slip.
Such a huge case of deja vu!
And the snow never stopped, people.
About a dozen of us artisans hunkered down inside the sweet little house,
which now is home to a Waldorf-inspired preschool.
We nibbled on cookies, got to know each other and sold a few art goodies
to the smattering of lovely folks who braved the storm.
One attendee was an old high school friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years (gulp). Way fun!
My friend Jen from Painted Fish Studio was there
(those are her snowflake cards above),
which made me so much more comfortable in a house full of strangers.
Her friend Kristin organized the show…and helps run the preschool…
and makes felted wonderment of all kinds. Brilliant.
The range of skills and art on display was really quite wonderful
 for such a little (but big-hearted) fair,
from knitted gnomes to homemade candles to wooden play sets.
And it was fun to connect with more women,
many of them moms like me,
who think it’s totally normal to stay up till 2am
sewing lavender sachets or binding books or fusing glass.
This creative life is my new normal and I think it fits me perfectly.
Now, if I could just figure out how to keep it from snowing so darn much…
just a friendly reminder: today’s the last day of free shipping in my Etsy shop!