At Choosing Beauty, Mondays are made for celebrating everyday Wonder Women who are using their skills and smarts to make this world a better, brighter place. Check out this week’s super-cool chicks… 

Louise Gale knows how to paint dreams into reality. And now she’s ready to teach you how to do it, too! Louise is a great artist and an inspiring force in the creative blogosphere! I’m so excited for her, as she launches the Big Dreams Small Wonders e-course. Scheduled to start on January 3rd, the e-course aims to help participants live the life of their dreams in 2011! Registration just opened last week and I hear it’s filling up fast. Lots of big dreamers out there! 🙂

Louise says, “You deserve to have the life you are born to live. Don’t believe your inner negative voice. The tools and techniques in this class will help alleviate that fear and ensure you can see a clear way forward to achieving your goals.” Love it!

This Christmas, I’m looking forward to giving some of my loved ones gorgeous gifts made by blooming artisans in Haiti. I bought them from Rebecca Sower, whom I met last fall at the Creative Connection. The people of Haiti continue to be in such distress; they were already in such dire straits when the earthquake hit. Rebecca had been in Port-au-Prince just days before the earthquake on a mission trip. She knew the women she met there would need help rebuilding their lives and finding work.

That’s when Rebecca came up with the idea to help those women help themselves by learning a new trade: crafting. Rebecca collected donated supplies from near and far, took them to Despinos, Haiti and began to teach a group of women there how to make jewelry and more. Then, Rebecca created an Etsy site – Haiti By Hand – where she’s been selling the women’s creations. All the proceeds go back to these blossoming crafters in Haiti; in less than a year, she’s raised over $13,000!! Eventually, Rebecca envisions these women being able to sell their wares on their own to make a living. So empowering, so inspiring. (By the way, Rebecca is also an accomplished artist herself – check out her personal Etsy shop!)