Christmas is 15 days away. And I have bought maybe four of the 6,821 gifts that are written down on the list inside my head. So. Okay. Right. I can either a) panic or b) get my rear in gear. I’m going for option (b) because, in my experience, freaking out never results in productivity or joy.
Therefore, let the serious shopping begin! I’m relying on my own blog list of Sweet Deals & Good Times, which I just updated last night with tons of NEW savings from my favorite Etsy shops and smaller retailers. Some deals are today-only, others are exclusive to Choosing Beauty readers. So check it out pronto, peeps.
In fact, let me tell you about a deal I’m super excited about. See those cute mugs up there? Imagine and Giggle? They’re part of my Empoword mug collection. Every morning when I have coffee, I choose an Empoword mug with the word that I need or want or love that day.  I bought ’em from my buddies Wendy and Stephanie, who created Empoword to leverage the power of positive words and intentions in everyday products. Well, Empoword wants to give YOU, my readers, an exclusive 25% discount on any online Empoword purchase you make through Dec. 22nd. Holy moly – that rocks! Simply click here to get to Empoword and then type in the code Liv when you check-out. 
Have a favorite shop offering special deals this month? Let me know in the comments section. I’ll keep adding to the list until we all shop till we drop. Ready? Set? Shop!