If you were to look at our family’s wall calendar (I always get the latest Mary Engelbreit Wall Calendar), you’d notice it includes the birthdays of our dearest friends and family, along with the age they’re turning that day. I love writing them on my newest calendar each New Year’s Day. It’s a little tradition I picked up along the way from my mom and her mom (my Nana). 
Last week, when my mom and I went to my Nana’s apartment to put up her Christmas tree, I glanced at the calendar hanging on Nana’s fridge and noticed that she had her own mom’s birthday written down. On December 20th, it says Mom Seaberg – 130. Wow. Her mom – my great-grandma – would have been 130 this month. I thought it was so sweet that Nana still writes her mom’s birthday on the calendar. 
After putting together Nana’s age-old, artificial Christmas tree, we pulled out the ornaments she’s collected over the years. Many of them, she pointed out, once belonged to her mom (including the one above) and hung on their family Christmas tree along with a single string of lights, which was all they could afford. I never had the chance to know her, but I love that memories of my great-grandma are kept alive through the stories of years gone by, fragile mementos from her life, family traditions and recipes (hello, Swedish meatballs!) and even her birthday scribbled on the calendar. Happy 130th Birthday, Grandma Seaberg.