It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
It’s been such a crazy-busy few weeks, I was a little worried I might never get into the holiday spirit
But, finally, this weekend has provided plenty of opportunities to be merry and bright!
A few of the festive moments I’ve witnessed this weekend…
We went for a family drive to see holiday lights around town, with Christmas songs blaring all the way. 
At a drive-thru, the guy at the window gave me my stuff and said, “Merry Christmas, precious!” Awww!
I saw a Salvation Army bell ringer dancing and cheering for every shopper entering the grocery store.
I happened upon a choir of adorable preschoolers practicing for their Christmas pageant.
I’ve seen multiple cars with red noses and antlers on their roofs!
Each sighting lights me up inside a little more,
reminding me that this season is all about love and joy,
not how many presents we can stuff under the tree.
So, what kinds of merry moments have you witnessed lately?