I love photo booths! I’ve noticed them popping up at weddings and special events over the past few years. As you wait in line, it’s a hoot to watch people’s feet below the curtain…fidgeting, crossing legs, uncrossing…and hear the giggles from inside the booth.

Plus, you capture a moment in time you wouldn’t have otherwise. I don’t usually take a camera to weddings and I have very few pics of my hubby and I actually looking spiffy. Most of our photos together include ball caps, jeans, stains on someone’s shirt, crossed eyes or kids hanging off of us.

The photo booth shots on the left are from Kim & Tim’s wedding in 2007. I was pregnant with our littlest munchkin. And holy moly – my hair was so short!

This next one is my favorite. It’s from Alexis and Angel’s wedding earlier this year. They didn’t just have a photo booth, but an actual set – a big draped sheet, lighting and silly costumes. I have no clue what look we were going for here, but it’s a pretty perfect representation of us – goofy, dorky and looking at the world through heart-shaped glasses.

Our seven-year-old practically moved into the photo booth at Kristen and Brian’s wedding in July. We thought he was playing with his cousins; turns out he was monopolizing the photo booth and we have a ridiculous amount of photo strips to show for it! Truth be told, I totally love that he took so many – they capture his personality and it’s quite obvious we’re raising a total ham.

Last night, we went to the holiday party for Hubbard Broadcasting, which owns the radio stations we both work for. It’s such a lovely, glitzy company party (and the loudest! imagine a few hundred broadcasters in one room!). For the first time, they had a photo booth outside the ballroom. We decided on our poses beforehand: serious, kissing and smiling. Well, apparently my husband thought “serious” meant “so angry I might kill someone.” Look at him! Sheesh. We had a good laugh about that top one and it was so fun comparing pictures with our friends at the party.

Wonder how much it would cost to just have a photo booth installed in our house? 🙂