The final details of my book are coming together, which is so exciting!
I saw the cover last week and it. is. awesome.
There are a couple of photos that I have to re-shoot
because the originals were blurry or had poor lighting.
One of those shots is a picture of my grandma’s dishes from this old post.
Since I work from home, I have to steal quick moments for projects whenever I can.
While my little guy was engaged in playing trucks
and watching Yo Gabba Gabba,
I pulled out the stack of Nana’s dishes from the china cabinet.
It was a gray day, so there wasn’t much natural light to work with.
So, I moved the 10 or so plates onto the floor, next to the door.
Now imagine me on all fours,
crouching down on the floor trying to get the best possible shot,
hoping my toddler wouldn’t think I was trying to play a game. 
I stared through my viewfinder, 
straining to get just the right angle
and just as I pressed down to capture the shot…
Like John Lennon said,
“Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.”
My crazy dog will make sure of it!