I love a crowd.
Not shuffling through one, mind you.
But standing on the outskirts, 
spying in plain view on dozens or hundreds of people
as they’re swept up in a moment of celebration.
It happened last night, as we strolled along the Riverwalk in San Antonio
(we’re here to hang out with my hubby’s side of the family).
The Riverwalk is like a canal with walking paths and shops along each side.
We were oohing and aahing over all the holiday lights dangling from the trees above
when we started to hear distant cheering.
Then drums. And horns. And a tuba?
We kept walking towards the sounds of celebration
and came upon a huge pep rally – right there on the river – 
for the Oklahoma State football team,
which is apparently playing in a big game, the Alamo Bowl, later this week.
Every time a player talked into a microphone, the crowd went wild.
Every time the band played, the crowd bounced with the beat.
For about 20 minutes, the die-hard fans in that crowd had not a care in the world.
No one looked stressed or sad or worried.
All those people were united in joy and excitement and pride.
That’s when and why I love a crowd.