At the start of each new year,
I like to create an inspiration/vision board with images and words
that describe my hopes and dreams for the 365 days ahead.
It’s amazing at the end of each year to compare the intentions on my board
with the things that have developed in my life.
The key, I think, is believing each thing you add to your board
is absolutely possible and may manifest in ways you never dreamed possible.
That said, I’m a little behind this year and my board is not done.
But, but, but…now I’ve got this delightful little word jumble to get me through!
I recently signed up for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word e-course
and saw the “word cloud” she created for students using Wordle.
She input all of the words we students chose for the new year
and the site scrambled them up into a big, beautiful word cloud!
I decided to use Wordle (it’s free!) to capture my 2011 intentions.
I started with my main word of the year – overjoyed.
The more times you enter a word, the larger it appears on the page.
You can change the font, the color and the layout to your liking.
I printed out my Wordle cloud, attached it to a piece of scrapbook paper,
stuck it in a black frame and hung it in my dudio.
I totally love having it there
to remind me of my greatest desires, deepest emotions and biggest priorities.
My second grader thought it was so cool
that he asked me to make his own with a list of all the things he loves
(everything from baseball to his little brother).
It turned out to be an awesome little time capsule
that I know he’ll love reading when he’s older.
And now my hubby’s hinting at wanting one, too.
Fine with me – there are plenty of words to go around!