Oh, you sweet and silly boys.
You find a way every single day to melt my heart.
Lately, despite the age gap between 2 and almost-8, 
you’re actually playing together,
giggling together, dancing and singing together, 
chasing each other, imitating each other, 
hugging each other spontaneously (which is the cutest. thing. ever.)
and making more noise than I ever thought was possible in this house.
At bed time last night,
as I tied up some loose ends from the day,
you even crawled into the rocker to read stories together.
You sort of melted into one another,
a blur of arms and legs and pajama pants, 
twisting and turning and laughing
as you devoured Barnyard Dance! and Moo Baa La La La.
It was a total joy to watch.
Even when I think my head might explode from the chaos in our home,
I am so thankful I get to be your mommy
and so thrilled you have each other, 
love each other
and always will.

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