Happy Monday, sweet friends!
Before jumping head first into a brand new week, 
I thought I’d share some highlights from the weekend
(and I’d love to hear yours!).
I finally made time to upload and experiment with Hipstamatic & Instagram
(iPhone apps that filter, frame and age your photos in countless ways).
It’s kinda like taking retro Polaroids with your phone – so fun!
I had a blast capturing little bits of joy and beauty everywhere I went.
So, here’s a peek at my picture perfect weekend!
my cutie patootie leaning on the tv cabinet,
engrossed in his absolute fave: yo gabba gabba.
sunglasses @ nordstrom for all the
lucky duck snowbirds heading south for winter
oh, coffee, i love you so.
p.s. that’s one of my favorite empoword mugs,
and they’re having a humongous sale right now!
the last glimpse of our christmas garland after finally taking the tree down
(*sniff sniff*)
the hubby multi-tasking
(watching football + doing laundry + looking cute)
custard-filled cupcakes for the boys at my nana’s place…

…and my seven-year-old devouring his!
and there’s my 86-year-old nana stealing a kiss
when we were supposed to be saying ‘cheese!’
hope your week is full of tiny treasures like these.
the more you notice magical little moments each day,
the grander life becomes.