While I was rearranging shelves of books yesterday, I came across my copy of Alice Walker’s 
I flipped to a dog-eared page to see what wisdom 
had caught my attention during an earlier read.
I’m so glad I marked this because it is so good.
Thought I’d share it with you today, as you head into a brand new, spectacular week:
“I have experienced many difficulties and hardships in my life and yet despair is a state in which I rarely remain for long. This is largely because despair cannot share the same place as wonder, and it is wonder that I have had from childhood, and in abundance. From the moment I saw that a plum grew out of a brown-colored, dry-looking branch, and a watermelon came from a green stem attached to a plant that was rooted in the dark earth, “heaven” as described by the pastor of our church (somewhere beyond earth) became irrelevant. I was already in the only heaven that mattered to me, and I knew it. 
This sense of the magic of Nature has encouraged all of my environmental understanding and activism. It is the reason I believe all our children, whether two years old of forty, should be encouraged to look, really look, at what they are seeing every day: incredible improbabilities, miracles – plums, watermelons, tulips, turnips – that are, on our planet, that radiant blue orb, exceedingly ordinary, though obviously divine.”
Thoughts? Feelings? Stuff to celebrate? Do tell!