Every time I fly the friendly skies, 
I say a little prayer as we take off,
asking God to be the wind beneath our wings
and to safely deliver all of us to our destination.
But of course, that divine protection
is the icing on an already well-baked cake.
I think it’s pretty darn spectacular that we’re even flying in the first place.
Have you ever thought about what an absolute miracle it is
that we can climb into a metal tube with windows,
bring along huge bags stuffed with our stuff,
and then sit back and relax while we’re hurled into the sky,
carried by gigantic engines and wings of steel?
And while we shoot through the clouds,
we can have a drink, send an email, take a nap, even go to the bathroom.
It hasn’t even been 100 years since Wilbur and Orville
filed a patent application for a “flying machine.” 
Their first official flight – in December 1903 – lasted only 12 seconds.
And the only common thread between their flight and mine?
I bet they said a little prayer before take-off, too.