Pretty soon, I’m going to have to start charging my seven year old for room & board. I swear half of the groceries I buy aren’t actually eaten by us, but used by him for his ongoing list of projects! He literally tries to sell our food in a curbside “cafe” he sets up in warm weather (like a lemonade stand, but with random food from our kitchen pantry), he probably trades food at school and he uses it for recipes he calls his “science experiments.”

Last night, I agreed to let him do a little experimenting in the kitchen. He gets such a kick out of mixing a bunch of things together that should never be mixed together. I mean, check out the recipe card he made. I think the only ingredient he left off was egg nog. 🙂 And – surprise, surprise, it tastes awful. Just ask him. But, who knows. Maybe sometime he’ll find a combo that actually works. He won’t know unless he tries, right?

Although making his “science experiments” always creates a mess, I love how much he enjoys the process – finding ingredients, mixing, taste-testing. He doesn’t seem to care if the final result is less than perfect which, I figure, is a great trait when applied to the rest of life!


Hard to believe my little chef-in-training will soon be eight. His birth changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I have just added a new page to the site with resources for women suffering from or curious about birth trauma, PTSD and postpartum depression (PPD). Check it out & pass it on if you feel moved to do so!

And tonight, along with PPD expert Dr. Helen Kim, I’ll be a guest on The Gyno Show on myTalk 107.1 in Minneapolis (the same radio station where my show airs) to talk about my experience with postnatal PTSD. If you’re interested, you can listen to the radio in the Twin Cities, listen live online or download a podcast of the show later. It airs live tonight from 7-9pm central.