I’d like to introduce you to my very favorite word in all the land. 


For me, believe represents a deep, intuitive knowing that we are surrounded by magic and miracles – orchestrated daily by a higher power who is kind and loving and incredibly detail-oriented. 

I think the word believe gives us permission to trust there’s more than meets the eye, even if it can’t be proven. Even if scientists can’t get their hands on any angels. Even if researchers say no one on the Other Side will answer their calls. Even if gloom-and-doom skeptics keep saying nothing is sacred, nothing is miraculous. 

To believe is to honor those invisible forces, to trust the unknown and to follow your heart.  

AND – holy moly! I have no idea how I have not noticed this before, but I just realized believe sounds the same as Be Liv. Well, no wonder it’s my fave! 

Now I really really want to know yours! What’s the most beautiful word according to you?

(p.s. believe magnet above is here)