One of my all-time, hands-down favorite books is 
Every time I open it up, his words dance off the page, leap into my heart
and, yes, sometimes even make me cry.
The other day, I opened the book to page 191
and this paragraph just slayed me. It’s so eloquent, so true. 
So, I thought I’d share it with you
in hopes that it inspires you to recognize the past, the present 
and the promise that anything is possible
in the still of each precious moment.
No day is ever the same, and no day stands still; each one moves through a different territory, awakening new beginnings. A day moves forward in moments, and once a moment has flickered into life, it vanishes and is replaced by the next. It is fascinating that this is where we live, within an emerging lacework that continuously unravels. Often a fleeting moment can hold a whole sequence of the future in a distilled form: that unprepared second when you looked in a parent’s eye and saw death already beginning to loom. Or the second you noticed a softening in someone’s voice and you knew a friendship was beginning. Or catching your partner’s gaze upon you and knowing the love that surrounded you. Each day is seeded with recognitions.