I don’t even know what to say today.
Really. Truly. Speechless.
But I’ll try.
I am so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support following yesterday’s post.
So many earthbound angels swooped in to lift me up and light the way. 
Every comment I’ve received here and elsewhere has been so lovely and genuine;
it’s so comforting to know so many of you feel the way I do,
confident that this book-deal-gone-south
is actually the beginning of some kind of wonderful.
And, just so you know, good things are already happening. Already!
and friends of friends
and people I knew in past lives
have reached out to authors, agents, publicists and publishers they know,
hoping they might have leads or advice.
If this…scratch that…when this dream of mine comes true,
and I am excitedly urging you here in ALL CAPS to check out my first book,
I will also be telling the world
it was you
who made it happen.
The sweet prayers, the good vibes, the virtual hugs
are all spinning into a huge tornado of goodness and intention
that the universe can’t possibly ignore.
My heart is so full it’s ready to burst.
Blessed beyond belief.