We have some big changes happening in the Lane household.
Drum roll, please…
In a few short weeks, all four of us will be able to have Sunday brunch together!
See, while many of you are sleeping in, kicking back and sipping coffee
on weekend mornings, my hubby and I are working.
I host a radio show on Saturday mornings, and he hosts one on Sunday mornings.
Which means being together as a family any day of the week 
pretty much only happens if we go on vacation.
But the hubster just started a new job (woot! woot!) 
and, after six years, is going to give up doing his regular Sunday show.
We’re already plotting and planning how fun it will be to actually have a morning each week
when we can do whatever we want together:
sip coffee together while the kids play, stay in our pjs or get up, 
make a big breakfast at home, go to church, 
and – on occasion – go out for brunch, with all four of us around the table!
To celebrate, I created a Sunday Brunch treasury on Etsy last night.
People make the most amazing, quirkiest, sweetest little things – 
from fried egg earrings to felt doughnuts! So fun!
So, if you don’t have a chance to go out for brunch today,
I hope you’ll stop by the Liv Cafe & check out my collection of breakfast goodies.
Have a spectacular Sunday, everyone!