Oh, what a day!
Happy 01.11.11!
I can’t even tell you how excited I am that it’s 2011,
since my absolute favorite number is 11.
All my friends and family know it.
Maybe it’s in part because I was born on the 11th.
I always notice when it’s 11:11 on the clock
(I either make a wish or notice what I’m thinking about at that moment).
And I love noticing that an email was sent
or a voice mail was left for me right at 11:11.
I don’t know why, but I get a little surge of joy and excitement
whenever 11:11 appears in my life.
I actually googled it and found these twin sisters experience the same thing
and have done some digging to learn the meaning.
I figure anything that makes me slow down and pay attention is a good thing.
So, I’ll consider today’s date an ideal opportunity
to carefully choose my thoughts and actions,
to envision the highest good for my life and others’
and to dream big.
I want to know YOUR favorite number and why you love it so.
Do tell!