Today, there is something really, really important I need to tell you. Something that’s been weighing on my heart for the past few days. So, here it is: 
You are so wonderfully, amazingly, incredibly wise. 
I don’t care who you are, where you live, what you own. All that matters to me today is that you embrace and share the innate wisdom you’ve been keeping under wraps for far too long. We’re conditioned from the time we’re little to not shine too bright, be too smart, feel too deeply or say too much. So many won’ts and can’ts and shouldn’ts and wouldn’ts. 
I keep thinking about some of the women who called into our radio show this past weekend. We had one of our favorite psychic-mediums on with us (Suzanne Krupp), so the phones were jammed with callers hoping to get a glimpse of their futures. One particular woman with a shaky voice asked whether or not she was in a “good relationship” and if it would last. When Suzanne asked whether her boyfriend is a bad listener, the caller paused…and then very softly replied that he doesn’t listen, that they’re always fighting and she can’t seem to do anything right. Oh, I just wanted to reach through the phone and give her a big hug! Even before Suzanne could share her feedback, we encouraged the woman to take her own words to heart. She didn’t really need a psychic to tell her that this relationship is probably not healthy or stable. She needed to pay attention to her own inner wisdom – the nagging questions, the pit in her stomach, her growing expertise at walking on eggshells!
Another woman called to ask whether she should consider looking for a new job. She was working herself to the bone, felt used and under-appreciated, and experienced very little joy at work. As the words came spilling out of her, she seemed to realize live on-air that she already knew the answer, too. You deserve more that that, we told her. And she immediately perked up, saying “yes, I do!” 
Both of those women are so wise and so brave – and they didn’t even know it! 
Even if your intuition has grown accustomed to not being heard or honored (which is the case for most of us), it doesn’t give up on you. In fact, it’s working overtime to get your attention – making your stomach turn, giving you goosebumps, inspiring you to question certain situations, helping you feel connected to certain people. 
So, trust that you do know what’s best for you. Sure – lean on others for advice, pray for guidance, weigh your options – but above all else, follow your heart. I swear it’s the easiest route to creating your best life possible. 
You are so wonderfully, amazingly, incredibly wise. You just might be the last one to know.