The Lane household recently welcomed a new family member. Meet Bunny. Also known as Bubby. Also known as Tru’s true love. Ever since she arrived on Valentine’s Day (a gift from my parents), she and my two-year-old have been inseparable.
She gives goodnight kisses and morning cuddles. She watches him eat and even gets a taste now and then. She rides in the car, she’s gone shopping at Target, she’s waited patiently in her boy’s backpack while he played at preschool. She is my snuggle bunny’s snuggle bunny.

Tru is still hopelessly devoted to his soft and silky Lovey blanket, but Bunny is his first real (unreal) friend. And it is just the sweetest thing to watch.

{Do you remember your first fluffy friend…or your child’s? We all have a story ~ I’d love to hear yours!}

I can’t let today go by without thanking all of you for your amazing, awe-inspiring support lately.
Yesterday, I found out Choosing Beauty won a bronze medal in the 2011 Handmade Olympics.
Not bad for a girl who opened her Etsy store less than six months ago. 🙂


yesterday we also surpassed 1,000 “likes” on the Choosing Beauty Facebook page!
YOU did all that, you glorious-generous-beautiful cheerleaders!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

{p.s. last day to enter the happy heART giveaway!}