{my sweet, silly Tru carrying around a photo of himself as a baby this wknd}
happy weekend, everyone! i’ve got a bunch of silly, random tidbits swirling around in my noggin, so i’m just gonna do a little brain dump here…
i didn’t post anything here yesterday. for the first time in ages. and i have to admit it felt pretty good to take a little break. don’t get me wrong – i missed you like crazy. but i kinda like the idea of taking more blog breaks on the weekends, just to refresh and take one thing off my sat/sun plate. we’ll see how it goes… 
my postcards are here!!! they just arrived from the printer and I love how they turned out. four in all, located on my Etsy shop’s “sweet cards & stuff” page:

:: you are amazing ::
:: so grateful ::
:: i believe in magic ::
: we were all born to shine ::

i’m SO THRILLED that so many of you have already signed up for the feel good deal of the day, which kicks off tomorrow! every weekday morning, you’ll get a short and sweet email with a fabulous deal for stuff that matters. art shops. creative resources. soul-stirring services. I really think you’re gonna love it, so i hope you’ll sign up and tell your friends!
twin cities peeps: i hope you’re planning to join me on feb. 25th & 26th for the 2011 illumination conference! we can have dinner together on friday night (a special event featuring some of last year’s  speakers) and, on saturday, stop by my art booth at the vendor fair! get all the details here.
i took my 8 year old to the justin bieber movie last night. i really knew nothing about the heartthrob other than that he’s on usher’s record label and sings that “baby baby baby” song. well, crappity crap crap: i think i’ve come down with bieber fever. the kid is actually really talented. and cute. and he’s nice to his mom. so, i caught the bug. hoping the hubby doesn’t mind the posters i’ll be hanging all over our bedroom walls.
after friday’s post, i had a lot of people ask about the intention circle i mentioned: what is that? who’s in it? how do i get one? tell me more! okay, i’ll give you the full scoop – in tomorrow’s blog post! 
i just want to make sure you know how incredibly fantastic you are. look at all you do and all that you are. just fantastic, i tell you! and beautiful, too. know it, feel it, believe it. and have a spectacular sunday!