I no longer run in circles, but in glorious swirls and zig zags.
This beautiful mess of a map provides a clear and bold path
where lessons learned, inspiration and instinct converge.
No one else in history
has ever taken this particular path.
No one else knows how it feels 
for this girl to walk this road;
the way my pulse quickens,
the way joy turns on a light inside,
the way gratitude bubbles up and overflows,
the way I see the world through me-colored glasses.
Sometimes I need to slow down.
Sometimes I need to pull over and be
Sometimes I have to fuel up 
or fix a flat 
or tend to the kids in the backseat.
And sometimes I forget that each rest stop, detour and distraction
is part of the master plan,
already calculated and accounted for in my personal GPS.
When it all feels way too hard, 
like my wheels and mind are spinning,
I know I’ve strayed too far from the main road.
Thankful for the warning signs,
I pull out my map,
pack my bag with snacks and a pair of wings,
and get back on track.
This is how I follow my heart.