Each time I’ve pulled in or out of our driveway over the past couple of days, I’ve noticed a bunch of glistening icicles hanging from an evergreen bush by our garage. Very pretty. I figured I should take a picture. 
After driving my little guy home from preschool, I grabbed my camera (it’s always with me) and made my way over to the evergreens while he waited in the car. When a knelt down, I was amazed to find that each branch was encased in ice. Like a homemade ice sculpture! So incredibly cool.
That discovery in those few seconds reminded me what happens when I find an extra moment to take a second look: I always discover something new and brilliant. Have you ever stared at a flower for a whole minute? Ever studied a small patch of gorgeous green grass for a while? Ever sat back and watched the clouds roll by? It doesn’t take days or months or years to witness magic in your life. It usually only requires taking a second look.