I think the time has come to create a little love list.
Every now and then, I like to take stock of all the little things
that have made my heart skip a beat in recent days.
I am head over heels in love with… 
1. Having a hubby who’s in charge of (and good at) doing the laundry. Awesome, right?

2. Seeing cardinals hanging out on the bare tree branches outside our windows.

3. The sound of our little dog snoring while she visits doggy dreamland.

4. Vivienne McMaster’s 14 Days of Self-Love. Brilliant blog posts to help you love you.

5. Bear hugs and sloppy kisses from my toddler. I just want to gobble him up!

6. This guest post by Danielle LaPorte on the CrazySexyLife blog. Totally awesome-blossom for any creative entrepreneurs struggling with self-promotion.

7. Finding hearts in random places (like this one I spotted yesterday!) —————–>

8. Getting my first commission check from the very first store to sell my stuff – i like you in northeast minneapolis (which is also where i found the love sign pictured above). This means people are actually buying my art in a store. Wowza!

9. Making Etsy treasuries (themed collections of great handmade items on Etsy). I blame Aimee from Artsyville for getting me addicted to this happy-making, time-sucker of a task. Her treasuries are always so inspired!
10. The floral scarf I bought a couple weeks ago at Nordstrom. I’ve been wearing nearly non-stop!
11. This number. 
12. American Idol. I love the new judges, the format changes, the tears of joy, and the fact my whole family can enjoy it. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m developing a mini-crush on Steven Tyler for being totally crazypants and surprisingly compassionate.
13. My dear friend Lori Portka‘s brand new web site. She couldn’t move all her past posts over, so she’s basically starting over (how brave!). So, go show her some love online…okay? 
14. Oprah. Is it just me? Or would you agree she is totally rocking this season? I’m behind on all the shows recorded in my DVR, but every one I see is great. And I’m also smitten with the Oprah: Behind the Scenes show on OWN. You go, big O! Go out with a bang!
15. My morning coffee with sugar-free French Vanilla creamer. Heaven in a cup. 
So, what’s on your love list today? Leave a comment – we can start a love-fest right here, right now!
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