I’ve decided to rip open a present that hasn’t even arrived yet! I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my brand new postcards from the printer. But I’m so excited to share them with you that I’ve decided to have a pre-order sale. Fun!
I’ve been experimenting lately with these layered star burst collages – playing with paper textures, stamps, doodles, color combinations. Believe me, lots have wound up in the recycling bin. I went out on a limb last week and posted one – the original “We All Were Born To Shine” – in my Etsy shop, just to see if anyone noticed. Well, I’ve been tickled by all the “hearts,” comments and treasuries incorporating that little burst of light and love! It gave me the confidence to forge ahead and follow the inspiration, creating four postcards featuring some of my new designs.
I feel like it’s the perfect format for them. Use them as notes of thanks and friendship, hang them as inspiration on your fridge, or frame them to display. One of my favorite, subtle details is how the back of each postcard features a line down the middle, separating the message and address spaces, that reads “Sending Good Vibes Your Way Today.”

So, while I wait for that package of pretty postcards from the printer (say that five times fast!), I invite you to pre-order them at a discounted price (just $1.50 for individuals and less when you buy them as a set!) between now and Feb. 10th. And if you just want to take a peek and tell me what you think, that’s awesome, too. I’m just happy to have someone to share them with! Hugs to you all today!