I spent Friday night and Saturday at the Illumination Conference, a local event dedicated to helping women realize their passions, purpose and self-worth. On Friday, I was part of a speaker’s panel; we had a great conversation about getting ‘unstuck’ and recognizing serendipity when it comes knocking. The fabulous organizers, Val and Michele, asked me to create the table centerpieces; I made collage flowers with inspirational words stamped on each side (grace, faith, trust, love, light, etc), blooming out of bud vases that were decorated with small round stickers made from my artwork. Those were set on glittery pink squares with coordinating black and white polka dot circles. If I ever do this again, I’ll make them bigger…but I think the centerpieces did a decent job of adding a little flair and positive energy.
I spent Saturday at my art booth in the vendor area or sitting in on some of the workshops. With each show I do, I keep tweaking my table, trying new ways to display my artwork. This time around, I bought a bulletin board and painted the border green, then hung my necklaces from it. It looks a little bland for my taste, BUT I sold more necklaces than anything…so something’s working here. 🙂 More tweaking to come though! 
The vendor area was full of talented and soulful artists and entrepreneurs. Of course, I have to share some of them with you!!!
Beautiful jewelry made with hand-crafted beads 
by sweet Cindy of Dakota Mae Designs
Attendees sported gorgeous, glittery henna designs courtesy of artist Zaney Janey
Artsy bud Jennifer Maroney worked on one of her amazing art journals
during the TINY bit of downtime we had!
Lovely semi-precious stone rings from Holistic Arts
Friend Cheri Meyer‘s intricate peyote stitch bracelets and necklaces
grow more stunning every time I see her at a show!
Julie Grages Olson just launched her EarthGirl Naturals organic beauty product line
this past year and it rocks!!
Wishing you all a creative, magical week ahead!
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