ice forming on our front window
Last week, the frozen tundra where I live actually thawed out during a couple of 50 degree days. It was pure heaven. But yesterday, Mother Nature decided to back pedal, producing well over a foot of snow, apparently trying to make up for what had already melted. Gee, thanks.
Despite the whipping winds and whirling snow, it turned out to be an awesome day. It was my hubby’s first Sunday morning home with us in nearly seven years (here’s why). Wow. I can’t even tell you how wonderful and weird it was to just get to co-exist with him on a weekend morning! 
The kids played together in the basement – drumming, Wii, trains, basketball. The hubster watched sports and revved up the snowblower. I finally organized my disastrous dudio (pics to come!). I didn’t even log on to my computer until almost noon – whoa! As the snow continued to fall, we decided to cancel Ryder’s 8th birthday party – an evening shindig for 8 kids at a bowling alley. The roads were too iffy and icy. Our little man handled it so well. In fact, he was thrilled that he had time to play in the snow and that we cracked open his birthday sheet cake after dinner!
We relished simple joys, sweet togetherness and the beauty of staying home yesterday. Turns out living in a snow globe can be a pretty cool thing.