{Vanilla Latte at Rustica. Yum.}
Yesterday, I had a lovely coffee date with Erin Newkirk, CEO of RedStamp.com (which you MUST check out if you’re a fan of great design and love notes). Erin and I actually knew each other in a past life, when we worked for the same Fortune 500 company. We ran into each other last weekend and, by the grace of the scheduling gods, we both had open time yesterday to sit down, sip good coffee and catch up.
As we talked, it became crystal clear to me why Erin’s been so successful with RedStamp.com. Not only is she a whiz-bang marketer, but her business is built upon a deep passion and sense of purpose: cultivating thoughtfulness. Erin adores thoughtful gestures – creating them, receiving them, seeing the impact of them. She’s serious about making the world a kinder, gentler place – one beautiful sheet of stationery at a time. By building a business around that core value – thoughtfulness – her work is an extension of her best, most authentic self.

Ever thought about how you would sum up your deepest passions and talents – in just a couple words? It forces you to get really specific about what matters to you. After doing an exercise on this with my intention circle (a group of women I meet with monthly), I  landed on these two words: illuminating magic. Yep, I feel most passionate and joyful when I’m shedding light on the little miracles in each day – in my writing, in my speaking, in my art, in my parenting.  

So, what words ring true for you? Remember, there are no right answers. It’s simply an open invitation to feel with all your might, to pinpoint what makes your heart sing, to choose your words wisely so that they can help guide you and give you wings. Ready? Set? Fly!  
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