I have no idea how this happened, but my baby is 8 today.
He’s like a little Zen master living inside the body of a HIGH-energy drummer boy.
To capture what he’s thinking and feeling at this moment in time, I decided to interview him.
I didn’t edit his grammar – just typed feverishly as he answered the questions.
It was hard not to laugh out loud or get choked up at times – I know I’ll treasure it forever.
Q: What is going to be great about being 8?
A: Being older, not being little. And I just think on my birthday more people will care about me. They put birthdays on the calendar in class and yesterday they were talking about me already!
Q: What are some of your favorite things to do?
A: Playing basketball because if I have a lot of energy, I can get it out by playing something that includes running and exercising. Also, taking trips to another state because it’s fun being in a hotel. And I like jamming because I have drums and I like to play them. 
Q: Name some of the best times in your life so far.
A: In first grade, I played basketball like this year but we beat this one team like crazy. Also, being in the Legends Club at Target Field, where there’s statues of older baseball players. And they have restaurants up there, too. You don’t have to stay in your seat! And I liked going to Ohio because of the fancy hotel, and Lake Itasca because we had a cool log cabin. And we played golf there.
Q:  What is it like being a big brother?
A: My little brother (age 2) is really funny.  I like having someone that’s small and cute. I like how he looks just like me. I taught him how to play the drums.
Q: Who are your favorite friends and what do you like about them?
Eddison – because I always play with him every day and he likes me back.
Isabel –  because I make her laugh.
Maddie – because she’s always happy every day.
Chase – because he does nice things for people. And he got through having that cancer thing, Leukemia.
Liam – because I play on his basketball team.
Q: What are your favorite things to eat?
A: Veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, mac & cheese pizza, cheese pizza. I like to drink root beer! And Sprite. And orange juice.
Q: What’s your favorite thing about school? 
A: Math because we get to play games, but everybody has been so bad that we lost our games.
Q: What’s the hardest thing about school?
A: Trying to get stars on my papers.
Pretending to be news anchors at the Science Museum
Q: What do you want your life to be like when you’re a grown-up?
A: I would like to be a basketball player and I want to be 28 years old because 28 is my third favorite number. I wish I was 2 because that’s my 2nd favorite number. I don’t even know what my first favorite number is! I want to be in a band. I want to be on TV. I want to write a book. I want to get in a suit or costume and be one of those people who takes pictures with kids at the mall. I want to have 2 kids. And I can’t have kids without a wife. And is it possible to live in a hotel?
Q: How would you describe you?
A: I’m cool, and I like basketball and I like music and I have drums at home and I would like to be in a band.
Q: How would you describe your parents?
A: My mom is nice, helpful, caring. She works at a radio station and she works on art. My dad always plays basketball with me in the basement, plays hangman with me and has brown eyes like me. 

Q: Now that you’re 8, what are some things you want to do while you’re 8?
A: Well, I can’t wait till I’m nine because then my dad said I can watch a scary movie from Star Wars. In the summer, I want to swing on our backyard (porch) swing with the whole family. I want to get to watch the show Victorious. I want to go to a Twins game.  And I want to have a drum teacher.
Happy birthday, sweet boy. You keep me on my toes, make me laugh and light up my life each day.