I love, love, love getting to know fellow bloggers & creative spirits! There are so many amazing women out there wearing their hearts on their sleeves…err, their web pages. So I was thrilled when my friend Gussy (the cutie patootie sitting next to me, in pink) organized a meet-up at gigi’s cafe in south minneapolis yesterday. Oh. My. Yum. 
Not only did we get to sip good coffee and munch on everything from asiago eggs to key lime tortes, but we got to gab in-person about life as we know it. These kinds of get-togethers remind me we live in seriously weird times: I only recognized some of these women once they shared their Twitter handles or blog names. There was a lot of “Oh! I know you!” going on. Maybe you know ’em too: some of the women around the table included @motherlylaw, @ellestrike, and @OMyFamily, @sampiette, @sugar_loco and @MoriahSunde. (BTW – @GussySews spread the word about our meet-up primarily via Twitter).
I discovered some great new blogs, too (well, new to me) – like UniqLoveBlog by the very inviting Amy and Spoils of Wear by fancy pants Jill. 
I adore so many of my online friends ~ and, oh how I wish many of you lived closer!! Because nothing quite compares to that in-person connection, eye to eye and heart to heart. When was the last time you branched out and made new friends away from the computer screen? If an opportunity like our meet-up doesn’t present itself, consider creating one yourself. Go into it intending to connect with like-minded, life-loving women and see what – and who – materializes. Thanks, sweet Gussy, for initiating this one! 
* * * 
p.s. speaking of blogging, i am soooo excited that gussy is among the fabulous bloggers who will share their wisdom in my summer e-course: how to build a blog you love. others include kelly rae roberts, aimee from artsyville and michelle from following your joy. happy dance!!! {stay tuned for details!}