Darling dollies at i like you in northeast minneapolis
I always feel a little sad for the dolls and kitties and monsters
stuck on a store shelf, 
waiting to be noticed,
longing to be loved.
I want to scoop them all up and take them home.
Maybe have a tea party. 
Maybe dress them up in polka dot doll clothes and silk capes.
Maybe give them names. 
{For instance, I think that big green monster should be called Gladys}
And then, several minutes later, 
I snap out of it…
realize I’m standing in a store…
staring into space…
daydreaming about doll clothes and tea cups and one-eyed monsters.
And I’m so glad for the unplanned trip to fantasy land!
I consider those little romps through my imagination
much-needed mini-vacations for my cluttered mind.
‘Cause I’m pretty sure a little bit of fantasy
does a world of a good for the soul
and delivers a heaping helping of happiness to the heart.
{so, daydream believers: what sights or sounds always capture your imagination? do tell!}