Do you see it? The little big of magic across the street? I was sitting having an oh-so-romantic, fancy pants lunch with my hubby at a fast food restaurant when he motioned for me to come over to his side of the table. He was pointing towards the lamp post. 
“Look there in the snow,” he said. “There’s a shadow of a cross on the ground!” Naturally, I pulled out my camera. “Good eye, dear!” I told him. His response? “Well, you’ve trained me well.” 
I gotta tell you: one of the absolute greatest joys that I get from doing this thang I call Choosing Beauty is hearing how others are noticing beauty and magic in their midst, too – whether it’s my own husband or a reader halfway ’round the world. 
Last week, I shared how and where my Big Kid found a sweet heart. After reading the post, my friend Kelly sent me this photo of a lovely lotion heart. Yep, her hand lotion squirted out in the shape of a heart the other day! So cool! And so awesome that she thought to send it my way. 
I’ve also shared many times here how much I love the number 11. Just yesterday, fellow artist Giesela Birgit in Germany posted a picture on my Facebook page of a her Rice Krispie’s cereal box – because its expiration date said 1111. Another reader, Kay, recently sent me a picture of her car’s odometer at 111,111 miles! I love that! 
Wanna see one of my favorite little beauty sightings of the week? Check it out:
I don’t even recall requesting that artist Mary Engelbreit by my friend on Facebook. But I’m sure I probably did at some point, since I have been a huge fan of her work and deeply admired her business sense for so many years. So, when I saw those words – Liv and Mary Engelbreit are now friends – my heart nearly jumped out of my body! Okay, so we may never have giggle fits on the phone or chat for hours over coffee. But I have it in writing: we’re friends, people. ;o) 
So…what kind of beauty sightings will you encounter today? Sure hope you’ll let me know! 
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