My eight-year-old declared Saturday the “best day ever.” Ever! And it didn’t take much for the day to achieve superstar status. He woke up and found a dollar under his pillow from the Tooth Fairy. She was a day late, but he didn’t seem to care. While I was gone doing my radio show and having fun at a blogger meet-up, the boys had a lazy day at home. There was time for playing basketball and Wii with Daddy – two favorite pastimes. And then we took advantage of some free tickets to the Auto Show, where tons of brand new cars were on display. Each fancy, shiny car was just waiting for my Big Kid to get behind the wheel and pretend to drive. We got a glimpse of his future as a teen driver and it’s not pretty. 

And then! This fantastic sighting! A life-sized Lightning McQueen and Mater {stars of the animated Disney movie, Cars, which my boys have seen no less than 10,632 times}. Tru was so taken aback that it took some time for him to actually approach the vehicles. The Cars cars didn’t talk or move…they just sat there. Again, my kids didn’t care. 

It’s really the simple things – the little joys – that elevate a day to “best day ever” status for them. Tap into their passions, spend quality time together, relax and share a few laughs…and my kiddos are on Cloud 9. And, in their minds, you can have a “best day ever” as many days in a row as you want! There are no rules here – just happiness. 
Think about it: what simple joys would you need to have a best day ever? I hope today is one of them for you. 🙂