Over the weekend, I took my 8 year old to run some errands, including our third trip to Target in a week {I always get more than I planned on, but I always forget something in the meantime}. After we checked out, I noticed a woman sitting in one of those scooters with a cart on the front. Her cart had bags in it, so I figured she was done shopping and waiting for someone else.

Turns out she was waiting for us. And for anyone else who walked past her. As she sat there, she was paying compliments to each passerby: dropping little love bombs made of affirmations and appreciation for perfect strangers. Her comments made each person smile and stand a little taller as they left the store.

As Ryder and I headed towards the doors, I looked at her to smile. She exclaimed, “I love your son’s hair!” Pleasantly surprised, I thanked her and nudged him to do the same. Truth is, he’d just had his haircut a couple of days earlier and wasn’t sure he liked it…until this everyday angel appeared at Target and boosted his confidence. {How did she know!?}

Think of how often we all huff and puff while waiting on something or someone. What if we viewed those moments to be awesome opportunities to spread a little love? I know how good it feels to get a compliment…and I know how good it feels to give one.

So…ready for a little challenge? Count how many times you naturally compliment others today. Once? Ten times? 25 times? Then, tomorrow, double your pleasure – and others’ – by pushing yourself to share twice as many compliments as you did today. I think we could create a tidal wave of love right in our own backyards. I’m totally in. Wanna join me?

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