On Sunday morning, while the family was busy doing and being and playing around the house, I pulled out a giant slab of wood to use as a background for pictures in my shop. I placed it near our front door, right in the path of a beautiful ray of sunlight.
I was very focused, kneeling down on the ground, zooming in on the details of necklaces and prints and cards. Moving each piece ever so slightly until the lighting was just right. And then I saw them: 10 tiny toes. My concentration broken, I looked up to find my ray of sunshine was standing in the ray of sunshine.
You Are My Sunshine Print

He giggled – totally tickled to have captured my attention. He stepped on a couple of necklaces, finding his way to me, and then plopped right down in my lap. And we just sat there, snuggling in the sunlight.

As we cuddled, I was transported back to the day he was born. When I was pregnant with Tru, I often wondered if he liked listening in as I sang bedtime songs to his big brother. I got my answer hours after he was born: cradling him in my hospital bed, I started to sing “You Are My Sunshine.” His eyes shot open – SO WIDE – and he looked at me with this deep knowing, as if to say, “Ohhhhhhh. It’s YOU!”

It was the first of so many sunshine moments in our life together. Every snuggle, every giggle is a sweet reminder of what really matters; a chance to let the light in and live in the now.