I know. It’s super cheesy.
But while I was doodling up some magnet designs yesterday, 
this spilled out and rang true. 
If my life were a concert, 
you’d all be long-haired, spandex-wearing, power-ballad-singing rock stars
and I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs for you,
lighter bobbing above my head.
That’s how hard I think you rock.
You leave comments and send me heartfelt notes that floor me.
You forward and tweet and “like” stuff I write (like this) and it amazes me.
You join stuff I ask you to join,
you buy stuff I tell you I’ve made,
you tell me about stuff I might love…just because.
And sometimes it all just makes me want 
to break down and cry
like a latte-buzzed schoolgirl at a Justin Bieber concert.
You are so talented and gorgeous and kind and charming
that I just want to run away on a tour bus with you,
hit the open road and leave our cares behind,
and eventually muster up the courage to tell you –
in the middle of nowhere and out of the blue – 
just how much I love you.
But that would be weird.
So I made you a magnet instead.